These Rainy Winter Days

Hello Folks!

By mid-February everyone is just plain tired of the rain. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s miserable. It’s like, ugh!

Walking to class the other day, I got drenched and my new red shoes (leather!) were sopping wet.

Where has the sun gone? In the bleak midwinter, it seems to have disappeared.

So on my lunch break at work, I had to find something good about this weather.

What is actually good about rainy days?

It feeds the plants, keeping everything green.

Rain is cozy if you’re in bed and have a warm blanket wrapped around you.

It is somewhat refreshing.

Also, you can race the raindrops on the windows of your car. (Am I the only one who does this?)

Even though it is kinda childish, it is fun splashing in the occasional puddle. (Just remember to wear rain gear and your wellies!)

If this weather has got you bogged down, hang in there.

In about, oh three months give or take, we’ll see the sun again. And when the occasional cloudburst comes in August, we’ll all be sniffing around enjoying that fresh rain smell.

There you go. These are some optimistic thoughts about rain.

In the meantime, invest in a good pair of rainboots and a sturdy umbrella.

Happy puddle-stomping!


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