Parisian Cafe


Hello Folks!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Feels like this past weekend I didn’t do anything! I was catching up on my Sociology reading last night around eleven and didn’t even finish it then. And today I got bombarded with Finals info. That is the worst.

I did this sketch a while ago, in my sketchbook. I used my mom’s nice markers then to color it. (Isn’t it nice having unlimited craft supplies when your mom has loads of the stuff?)

I have always had a nostalgic dream of visiting Paris, sitting at one of their quaint cafés, and sipping a really good coffee (but I don’t even like coffee…what a conundrum!), with a little baguette and butter on the side. It actually doesn’t have to be in Paris, exactly, but in Europe preferably.

Maybe while I am there, I will visit all the tourist attractions, buy something Chanel, and just wander around the villages they have in, like, Normandy or Champagne.

Another thing that would be really cool to do is backpack through Europe. Isn’t that just something out of a book? I mean, who really does that?!

That’s all I’m rambling about today.



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