Hello Folks!

I learned something new today!

I got so frustrated with myself after trying so many times to create a successful piece of art last night. I was absolutely clueless about what to post today.

So I dug around in my older sketches, pulled it up in Photoshop, and began experimenting. I discovered how you can “paint” on your image, and they have some pretty cool effects, like the blue skirt I did. It is quite amazing sometimes how “edit, undo” is so handy. And so much less aggravating. (That being said, there is something really satisfying creating it all by hand, not digitally.)

This picture is dedicated (haha, doesn’t that sound cheesy?) to all my friends, including you, the one loyal reader I have (yes, you, Olivia…).

It would be a strange world without friends. After family, they are the most important things to me. Actually, a lot of my family members are my friends. I do everything with them. From going to church, school, sitting in each other’s cars, and eating at Shari’s in the later hours (aren’t we adventurous?). Also just sitting around chatting, going shopping, or reading in each other’s bedrooms when we can’t find anything else to do.

Thank you, loyal friends, for being there for me!


P.S. I would love to hear some feedback from y’all. What do you think of this type of illustration I did? I am just experimenting with what my supposed “style” is 🙂 Do you love it, hate it, or prefer a different one I’ve tried?

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