Back to Basics

Hello Folks!
When it came to what should I post today, I was simply clueless. I was thinking, I’ll just skip today and do it next week. But I had just written down a list of goals, and on that list was to be more successful on my blog.

So while trying to figure out how to draw a person’s profile from a reference picture, I snapped some good ol’ selfies as an aide. Then I thought, why not draw The Self?

What a novel idea! (Not really, considering artists have been doing it for centuries.)

So I did this drawing above. Don’t I just look moody? (No, I’m not PMS-ing! Don’t you just hate when people ask you that?)

It’s funny how when you get in a rut, and you can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, starting from square one is probably going to be your best bet. Remember that bit of advice, folks.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my mini-rant! Kinda felt good just to spew out a few words.

Thanks for visiting!


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