Winter Bird


For some reason, I’ve been into winter animals like this bird, the deer I drew in this post, and this cute fox found on Pinterest. I’m not typically a nature-obsessed individual (I prefer staying inside) but there is something soothing about being surrounded by wilderness. As long as you have warm clothes and you know where you’re at. Oh, and it helps to be semi-close to a town. What can I say, I’m not that adventurous!

I love to hear birds chirping outside my window, especially during spring! The innocent sound is so cheerful 🙂 I kind of miss that sound now that we are entering the Winter season.





4 thoughts on “Winter Bird

  1. Hi Caroline thank you for stopping by my Blog I hope that you enjoy my art and illustrations and that you will visit back and maybe follow! I hope that you had chance to see my work in all the mediums I like to express my creativity! You have a pretty nice Blog and create lovely illustrations I Follow you now! Btw we have the same name 😉 change only the last letter mine is Carolina ❤ Wish you great time creating let's stay connected! 🙂


    1. Thank you Carolina! (Oh, by the way, do people ever sing “Sweet Caroline” when you’re around?! It can be so annoying. But funny too!)
      Your comment was so nice! I checked out your blog and the pictures of the “super moon” were so cool! Did you take those?

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      1. LOL yes they do sing sometimes! You’re welcome keep drawing. And yes I took all the photos of the moon when I don’t paint with watercolors or drawing, I do love photography and Digita Art! I am ad you like the photos and thanks for the follow 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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