Study of Specs

Study of Specs.jpg

Glasses (or spectacles) are one of those things that can change your whole look. I’ve personally never had to deal with poor vision (yet…) but I don’t think I would mind them if I did.

I remember being sort of jealous of people who got glasses when I was younger. Kind of like when every kid had braces and it was considered fashionable. (Hello fifth-grade fashion! Don’t we all miss the frizzy hair, embroidered jeans, and shirts with a big heart in the middle? And yes, I did suffer from all three of those things, and more.)

It’s really quite strange if you think about it. Glasses are used primarily to fix poor eyesight. And now it’s a trend to wear non-prescription glasses to look more “chic” or “hipster.” (I’ll admit it, I’ve been there before!)

But if you think about it, that is like wearing a back brace because you think it looks cool. Except that wearing a back brace would make you look pretty eccentric.

Out of the three pairs above, the first pair is my favorite. I think I want a pair like that.

Or would that be a cliché?

Anyway, that’s all the rambling I’ll put you through today!

xx Caroline



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