This is where the magic happens!


Hello there! I thought I’d give you guys a behind-the-scenes look at my operation. Actually, it’s not much. I love it nonetheless!

Here are a few things central to my workspace:

1.) iMac: This is such a great investment! I had been wanting one for so long! I don’t regret buying it in the least.

2.) Art supplies: these things are pretty much a given. Second to creativity and imagination (as well as Pinterest…), they are a huge part of my work. Obviously 😉 Right now, my favorites are the Pentel Aquash BrushWinsor & Newton set (I’m never going back to Reeves!), and the Pigma Micron pens.

3.) Inspiration Boards: This is one of the best parts of my space! On the wall above the computer, I already have some Christmas stuff up. On the wall to the right, I keep pieces that I’m currently satisfied with. (You can see On the Go and Geek Chic on the boards.)

4.) I also have some Washi tape tucked in there somewhere. That stuff is awesome! Especially if you get bored of scotch tape.



Clean slate.


Beginnings of an illustration.fullsizeoutput_157fullsizeoutput_158fullsizeoutput_159

There you have it! This is a pretty simple piece.


Last but not least, the paint set that I use a lot, meaning every time I paint 🙂

Hoped you guys enjoyed this post! I had fun taking the pictures!

Have a great weekend!

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