Discovery: Illustrators

Getting in a rut isn’t very fun. Especially when it comes to inspiration. When you’re stuck, discovering new things is the key to becoming un-stuck 🙂

After scouring Pinterest (my secondary hobby) I found a lot of illustrators that I adore! It is so delightful finding folks who share the same interests as me. Of course, there are so many talented artists out there, but these are a few that have struck my fancy of late.

Angeline Melin:

Angeline Melin

Her illustrations are to die for! The ladies she draws have such a pouty face that is instantly likable (must be that French-ness coming through!). I also love the French style and architecture she includes with her work.

Ayumi Sato:

Ayumi Sato

This lady’s work is so adorable! Her style is very sweet and almost angelic. You can also see her art is influenced by the Japanese manga-style art.

Emma Block:

Emma Block

If you love children’s books, you’re going to love Emma! Her work is whimsical and child-like. I love her use of solid, bright colors. Overall, a dream to look at 🙂

Long Blue Straw:

Long Blue Straw

I happened upon this amazing artist a while back, but somehow forgot about her along the way (I know, how?!). Her work reminds me of Katie Rodgers in some ways, especially Katie’s older pieces. She uses a lot of light colors, which are beautiful.

Garance Dore:

Garance Dore

This lady has all bases covered. She is an illustrator, author, photographer, and blogger. Plus, she’s French. What else can I say? She uses simple lines and a lot of black and white in her art. I’m a huge fan.

Meg Isihara:

Meg Isihara

Last but not least, Meg Isihara! A few days ago, while reading my WP feed, I came upon her wonderful blog, Meg Arts. This girl is impressive. Her work is done mainly in Photoshop (I believe), and she is very skilled with the program. Her style has this soft quality to it that I immediately fell in love with.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I thought it might be refreshing to step outside the box and focus on artists that I admire, not just my own stuff. And it is so inspiring to see other peoples’ work and think of ways that you could improve your own. (That being said, too much comparison isn’t a good thing! Be original 😉

Let me know if you find any artists that you think I’d enjoy 🙂

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