Winter Weather


I wish I looked this chic when I bundle up. Instead, I resemble an enormous marshmallow with mismatched winter wear on.

We don’t get usually bad winter weather where I live. We have really mild winters. Until recently.

It has been so cold! (Okay, 25 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t that cold. But it is for me!)

I regretted not stocking up on cute winter clothing this year. Just for fun (and maybe it’ll appear on my Christmas list… 🙂 ), I created a list of really cute winter wear:

1.) J. Crew Chateau Parka


2.)Anthropologie Tisa Seamed Mockneck Sweater


3.) Free People Back to Basics Chunky Knit Beanie


4.)Anthropologie Pommed Berkshire Gloves


5.) J. Crew Authentic Camp Socks


Now I’m on the right track towards looking somewhat cute this winter!

P.S. I ordered new gouache paints from Amazon and this is my first experiment with them.

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