Winter Ballerina – Greeting Card No. 5


Here is the Christmas greeting card no. 5! And with a ballerina, no less!

One of the many things I love about Christmas is the Nutcracker. When I was little, this one was always one of my favorite Christmas books, most likely because of the sugarplum fairies! (I also remember being terrified by the evil mice in the story, no doubt my overactive imagination kicking in.)

Ballet dancers amaze me. They put up with so much pain and somehow manage to make it look effortless. I cannot imagine the discipline they have when it comes to their talent.

Ballet dancers are also very fun to paint! There is something about ballet that gives the brush a bit more grace and flow as it sweeps across the paper. (Okay, I think I’m waxing poetic here!)

But in all reality, it’s just really fun. You should try it sometime.

Check out this Winter Bird. Does it seem to go along with the dancer?!


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