Winter Skating – Greeting Card No. 4


Although the seemingly delightful act of skating has eluded me, I still think it looks so graceful! I am so jealous of those people who are far more comfortable on the ice or in skiing gear than I will ever be. I sort of blame my lack of talent in this area on my childhood. Growing up, we never did adventurous outdoor activities like snowboarding or skating. On the off occasion that we would go, it would end up with me looking like a first-class clutz. Which I basically am.

On a happier note, maybe it’s not entirely too late for me to learn. But ugh, my pride just gets in the way. And fear. I am so afraid of falling down and hurting myself!

It’s such a juvenile fear, because it is bound to happen. I mean, wearing a slippery-soled pair of shoes is cause enough. I shouldn’t let my fears fun my life.

Haha! Sometimes when I sit down to write, I feel like my own therapist or something. It’s so weird sometimes!

Since I did forget to post yesterday (what can I say, it was Sunday?!), I will share two greeting card designs today. Enjoy!

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