Winter Solstice – Greeting Card No. 14

Winter Mittens.jpg

Today is the first day of *official* winter! It seems kind of silly these past few weeks were, technically, still autumn. It’s been so chilly! I do love it when I’m inside, bundled up with crew socks (that my friends think are so grandma), and drinking hot cocoa while painting pictures like the one shown above! It’s divine 🙂

While on my way to work (I did manage to survive the 10 minute walk), I noticed it had frozen over a bit. There was this slight layer of ice over the sidewalks that terrified me. I hate when you get that feeling where you’re about to wipe out, then you somehow manage to catch your balance. Mini heart attack! I should’ve just thrown on the good ol’ Sorel boots, but I don’t know how far they would go combined with my precarious balance.

I decided to use a Scandinavian/Nordic look for the mittens. Just paying homage to my ancestry 🙂 A lot of people think sweaters with winter prints are a cliche, but personally, I’ve always loved them. I would wear one. I just need to find the right one. I’m too picky.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!



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