New Sketchbook


Does anyone else have this weird trepidation when it comes to starting a new sketchbook? I got one for Christmas and I’m so careful with it! It has this really nice watercolor paper, not light-duty stuff like 60 lb. paper. I’m so excited to start using it, but I just want it to stay so nice looking!

After Christmas, I start thinking of the upcoming New Year and what it will bring. Will I spend more time on art projects? Will I start an online shop? Will it go the same as 2016? (Doubtful!) I love the new year for all of the fresh starts it brings.

The typography on the cover started out with a Pinterest search. I saw some really cool vintage typography that I incorporated into this cover design. It kinda has a twenties vibe that I’m into. Or silent movie era.

I’m thinking of new changes for the blog. Any ideas? Maybe a themed weekly post that isn’t so random? I’m going to start a web search for hints.

Until next time!



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  1. What a terrific sketchbook! I have the same problem with the first page, so I start on the second! As I work through it I go back to the first page and add things from time to time – kind of like a title page. It might have an actual title but also smaller images to reflect what is held therein. Sometimes when I finish a page I want to do more, so instead I add a little drawing on the title page to go along with what I just entered :). I hope this makes sense!