Soda Pop Girls

Soda Pop Girls2.jpg

I don’t know what’s up today. I’m feeling this vintage-summery vibe. I suppose my head is already looking forward to warm summer weather. Maybe a trip to someplace warm is in order (Just kidding! I wish…).

One thing I realized really inspires me is vintage photographs. The black and white and simplicity really gives my mind a creative space. The shades of grey are great for recognizing contrast rather than focusing on something being just one shade of red or whatever color it might be.

Nostalgia also plays a huge part of what I like to paint. I think I look at the past (and present-day, at times) with rose-colored glasses. Of course I know that each era came with its own struggles, but there are parts that I like to remember more than others. I don’t think that is such a bad thing. I like to be optimistic.

I did update my logo!


It kind of matches the color scheme in this illustration. Let me know what you think!

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