2017 seems to be off to a good start! Having a Monday off work really sets it off with a bang for me 🙂

I did not make any new year’s resolutions. They never work for me. I think I need a slow transition into any change. If I try to ban myself from some *not so good* parts of my lifestyle (candy, hello?), I end up failing, then I feel kind of depressed by my lack of will power. Stupid.

Baby steps, right?

One thing I’d love to start fresh with is being more organized. My filing system here at home is a nightmare. I have so many illustrations lying around that need to be put away. I did come up with several ideas, but I still haven’t executed any of them. Ugh 😉

Okay I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I have several good things going for me right now. Good job + good art supplies + free time + good friends + lots of inspiration + lots of ideas.

Now, about those ideas…I need to start writing them down! They escape way too easily.

Good luck to y’all on your new year’s resolutions! I admire you for your motivation.



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