The Quiet Snow

Winter Snow2.jpgIt is such a peaceful night here at home. The snowfall is so soothing and mesmerizing to look at. Everything slows down in snowy weather. In a good or bad way; it depends on your perception. I love the quiet, tranquil atmosphere it creates. Snow absorbs sound, that is why (thank you Olivia!).

I think some hot chocolate is in order to make the evening complete.

Stay warm out there! And drive safe 😉

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  1. I looove snow! All beautiful white and the atmosphere that creates, you right all gets quite and calm…but where I am in California it doesn’t happen unless I go to the mountains! Living here from 15 years I kind miss the Winter in Italy my native country pretty much there are 4 Seasons here no much changes, but I have to say this Winter is a little bit colder, I am happy! and is raining so pretty good so far! 😉 Stay warm!