Winter Vacation 

Coming to SD for vacation was a good idea on my part! I have enjoyed every bit of the cold weather. We did a bit of sledding, ice skating, and even a couple snow angels 🙂 

I am such a beginner when it comes to ice skating. The kids were skating circles around me and asking if I can “hockey stop.” But learning around them is better than adults. Maybe their bravery rubs off on one. Back home, it’s more uncommon to go ice skating so I never learned growing up. I want to learn now, though, because I know it’ll get harder as I get older. 

Some say it is similar to rollerblading so maybe I’ll learn that too! (Summertime…that’ll be nice when it comes!)

Until next time, go enjoy the winter weather!

P.s. The image was taken with a smartphone, not scanned in like my other posts, so it loses some quality. 

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