marchesa2.jpgI swear I post the most random stuff. Seriously, though. My last post was about vintage dishes and now I’ve gone to the couture gowns at NYFW.

I think that is why I call my blog Illustration Avenue. I am so inspired by so many different things, and I couldn’t be specific; I didn’t know what it was I wanted to share, other than art I created. I remember thinking way back then (it’s been a year, folks, since I’ve been up and running! Happy belated anniversary to me!) of a blog/website name. It was so hard to do. I feel like the least clever person when it came to that sort of thing. There are SO many quirky, memorable, funny blog names and I really wanted that. But. My talents lie in other areas that DON’T include blog naming 😉

Overall, though, Illustration Avenue seems to be a good choice to my many random illustrations.

If you guys have any ideas or paintings you’d like to see more of, please let me know!


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