Ballerina Challenge 5/10


I actually used good watercolor paper for this piece. That’s an accomplishment for me. I have such a hard time using quality paper because I’m afraid of failure. *tisk tisk* (Any suggestions on how to battle that? I’d take them gladly!)

For most of my illustrations, I use plain printer paper because I’m scared that it won’t end up how I want it to. Most of the time, there are certain parts to an illustration that I love, and some I hate. Rarely I create a piece that I fall in love right away. But they grow on me and I’ll realize “It’s not that bad. It actually has a certain je ne sais quoi in the expression, line work, etc.”

Maybe I’ll put away all of my junky paper and use only watercolor. That would conquer my fear, eh?

Note: I did create a sketch on “junky” paper for this. 


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