Ballerina Challenge 10/10


The final day of the ballerina challenge has come! And I wanted to do something extra special! So a GIF it is!

A GIF has been intriguing me for awhile now. Charlotte Smith is so good at this! She inspired the concept behind this. I knew my video pausing skills weren’t good enough for such a fast motion as a pirouette, so I took this GIF and converted it to 27 images using (Side note: whoever creates amazing programs like that is a life-saver!)

From those 27 images, I drew each one and then placed them in a GIF maker ( And ta-da! Magic.

I’ve had so much fun with the Ballerina Challenge! This is the first challenge I’ve done, and it made me study things like body movement, shadows, line work (like here) and many other aspects of art…it was kind of like taking an art class.

In the process of creating something “shareable,” there were more than a few paintings that got thrown to the side…maybe I’ll share those in another catch-all post.

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