Portrait Challenge 10/10

Although this couple portrait isn’t finished, I thought I’d share it because I think it shows progress 🙂 

(Thank you JM for suggesting the couple portrait idea!)

And today is the last day of this mini challenge!  I think I’ve learned to embrace mistakes a bit more, and also push my boundaries. 

My favorite part was painting the babies! I love the softness, roundness, and innocence of babies–they’re so cute! I’ve never seriously tried it before so I’m glad I branched out. 

Also, drawing men is something I usually avoid. I’m glad I gave it a whirl, even though it kind of scares me 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing ten days of portraits! Have any suggestions for future challenges?

Note: the picture was taken down at the beach in the sand. It is so relaxing to draw at the beach!

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