Road Trips: Then Vs. Now


While driving through Wyoming, I sketched these elements that seemed to be recurring throughout my road trip this summer 🙂

My observations on road trips as a child vs. as an adult (hinted at here):

Then (As a Child) Now (As an Adult)
Food Lots of snacks bought by parent, waiting in the back seat. Fun kiddie snacks like Gushers, Cheez Its, Capri Sun Juice, etc. Pay for the majority of your own snacks, but you do get to choose everything. Pizza Combos here I come.
Driving None whatsoever. Your job is to say “Are we there yet?!” to the driver. Lots and lots of driving. Not good in the middle of the night. But also nice in its own way.
Entertainment Never get bored due to books, tic tac toe, connect the dot, siblings, scenery, etc. You can only do so much phone time. Eventually phones gets boring. Look out the window, listen to books on tape, and daydream. Oh, and have good conversations!
Rest Areas / Pit Stops Get energy out by running around and acting obnoxious. Energy is sapped by keeping eyes on the road (driver) or watching the driver keep their eyes on the road (passengers). Bathroom breaks are the best thing ever.
Gas Nada Eats up savings 🙂


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