2018 Calendar

e43b3c60-397c-494c-918d-a8f37550647d-copy.jpgThis is exciting news! I have created a 2018 calendar with fashion illustrations (with the help, of course, of my family + friends 🙂

This has been a long time coming…you could say ever since I started my website (in 2016). I kept pushing big projects like this off into the future, like you do with filing your taxes and other intimidating tasks. Finally, a friend of mine coerced me into doing a holiday bazaar (Dec. 2!), and here we are!

I cannot believe how much I’ve learned in the past month and a half. It’s been a huge deal. From the initial sketches to the final binding, it’s been a whirlwind. I had no knowledge of production (even though it’s mostly DIY project), layout, printing, binding, etc. that comes with creating calendars. I’ve wanted to quit so many times along the way, but with a little hard work and encouragement, it’s come along very nice. (Thank you, family, for the never-ending support!)

I will have some calendars available on my Etsy shop; please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one!

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