Brown (Cardboard) Packages

I’m sure you’re aware of the crazy busy-ness of the holiday season…especially at the post office! I think this year I’ve visited the post office more times than in the past five years combined.

I’ve had so much fun packaging and shipping each order from my Etsy shop. Nice packaging is something I am in love with. It’s so fun that I can make each package a bit charming with some tissue paper, string, and a note, or a token of appreciation (aka “freebie”). I hope all of you who’ve received packages from me like it just as much as I do!

The order that’s going out tomorrow is custom greeting cards! It was my first time creating cards for someone else; I love the input customers give me on what they like about the illustration, or what they’d like to change. It’s a learning experience for me.

If you’re looking for unique watercolor stationery, invitations, illustrations, etc., I’d be more than happy to work with you! Contact me below with your request!





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