Magnolias #2 – Flower Series No. 12

Here is the magnolia re-do! It’s completely different from the original magnolias done on white paper. I used gouache paint for these flowers and painted them on this periwinkle blue paper. It’s so interesting to use colored paper and opaque paint. The process for painting is so different. I’ve likely said this before, but painting from dark to light is so unnatural to me after using watercolor paints for so long. I kept wanting to water the gouache paint down to the point it would become watercolor, but I think I succeeded fairly well on this one–for my first time 😉

One thought on “Magnolias #2 – Flower Series No. 12

  1. These are pretty, and well done for trying something new paints-wise. But, I had hoped you would get upclose with the flowers, to emphasise their beauty more. Or, just maybe, it’s too soon for you in your art journey?! 🙋


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