Floral Assortment – Flower Series No. 30!

Hey, guess what?! I made it to day 30! It’s so awesome. I thought I’d get bored of painting flowers for 30 days, but my motivation only waned a couple times. I’ve definitely learned a lot in this challenge. Probably the biggest take-away is that I  can do things when I set my mind to it. I finished a 30 day challenge, guys! (Okay, should I quit mentioning it? I’m just surprised, honestly.)

For the final piece, I wanted to combine most (if not all) the types of flowers into one single painting, which I did. I opted to use gouache, since of late I’ve been quite in love with it. Really. (Thanks Anna Bond for giving the inspiration!)

What was your favorite post? Or what flower in today’s post is your favorite? Comment below!

Now my busy social life (hah!) demands I go interact with people, so I’m signing off!

A great weekend to y’all! Thanks for visiting my blog! (I really should thank you more often. Really.)

3 thoughts on “Floral Assortment – Flower Series No. 30!

  1. Well done! 🤗
    I like a few — the sunflower, the big blue one in the bottom left corner and the red ones underneath, the echinacea, oh many others!
    What have you decided to sketch next month?


    1. Thanks! Definitely a learning experience with the gouache! As for sketch ideas–do you have any? I’m thinking simple scenes in the home–maybe focus on each room? I need to up my skills for painting backgrounds!


      1. Ideas. Backgrounds. To simple homespun still lifes and objects. Textures as backgrounds or as material objects sit on. Really, you can go traditional chiaroscuro, or utterly surreal. Up to you. Any painting books you can refer to for ideas? The local library books should be a good source, and won’t eat into your bandwidth allowance! 🙋


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