Calendar Update

Hello there! It’s been awhile since I’ve even thought about posting, but I have some news! I’ve started my second calendar for 2019 (I know, I’m late to the game; most people have already started selling their 2019 calendars!). Like the 2018 versions, I’ll have a fashion illustration and a home calendar (one that can easily fit into a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc., for moms, housewives, sisters, friends, and the like). I’m really excited for the calendars this year! I’m looking forward to finishing the illustrations so I can start on the scanning and editing 🙂 I’m also trying to decide on a layout…same as last year? Or more detailed?

Here’s a quick snap of the 12 ladies for the fashion illustration calendar…I’ve got to say I love the scotty dogs!

Note: the colors are really off in these pictures…the lighting wasn’t too good 😉

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