Tulips – Flower Series No. 2

Tulips. These flowers are the quintessential symbol of spring (along with daffodils).

I actually painted these tulips from real life, not a photo from the internet (see below for proof!). How refreshing. I find that too many of my reference photos or inspiration come from online. I’m trying to shy away from that. I’m online and connected to technology way too much as it is; it feels so good to get a break.

Day two of the challenge done!

Poppy – Flower Series No. 1

Just to improve up my floral painting skills (and to maybe accelerate the coming of Spring), I’m doing a 30 Day Challenge! All flowers (with a few plants).

These poppies were painted for a business card. I love them because they are such a cheerful flower. The bright pops of red are recognizable anywhere.

If you have any flower suggestions, let me know! (I might run out of ideas!)