Ballerina Challenge 7/10


Number seven appears as a black swan, gracing Illustration Avenue with her mysterious presence.

Just kidding. I’m no poet.

Sometimes, though, when I paint, I get teensy glimpses of how I’m improving. Like this one. I painted this without using pencil. And I let the watercolor do its own work in her leotard and tutu. *baby steps*

I could’ve risked it even more and painted her face, but sometimes I’m just not brave enough. So I’ll settle for how it is.


Ballerina Challenge – 1/10

Okay, I’ll bite.

I’m going to do a challenge.

Make that a ballerina challenge, since they are so fun to illustrate. And it’s just going to be ten days because y’all might get sick of seeing 100 days of ballet or something. (Or my attention span can’t stand focusing on a single subject for more than a few moments…much less 100 days!)

Here’s number one:Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.18.21 PM.png