Ballerina Challenge 10/10


The final day of the ballerina challenge has come! And I wanted to do something extra special! So a GIF it is!

A GIF has been intriguing me for awhile now. Charlotte Smith is so good at this! She inspired the concept behind this. I knew my video pausing skills weren’t good enough for such a fast motion as a pirouette, so I took this GIF and converted it to 27 images using (Side note: whoever creates amazing programs like that is a life-saver!)

From those 27 images, I drew each one and then placed them in a GIF maker ( And ta-da! Magic.

I’ve had so much fun with the Ballerina Challenge! This is the first challenge I’ve done, and it made me study things like body movement, shadows, line work (like here) and many other aspects of art…it was kind of like taking an art class.

In the process of creating something “shareable,” there were more than a few paintings that got thrown to the side…maybe I’ll share those in another catch-all post.

Ballerina Challenge 9/10

ballerina9-1.jpgI’m running the home stretch of this ballerina challenge!

Number nine is a ballet duo in black and white. I thought I’d include a man since all ballerinas aren’t female! (Although seeing a man in verrry tight pants isn’t appealing…I don’t think this painting is too bad.)

One thing about men is they have bulkier muscles and a very different physique than that of women. That is something I had to think about when painting this piece.

Let me know if you have any other challenge suggestions! I’m thinking about doing another…

P.S. Tomorrow’s post will be interesting…I hope! Stay tuned.

Ballerina Challenge 7/10


Number seven appears as a black swan, gracing Illustration Avenue with her mysterious presence.

Just kidding. I’m no poet.

Sometimes, though, when I paint, I get teensy glimpses of how I’m improving. Like this one. I painted this without using pencil. And I let the watercolor do its own work in her leotard and tutu. *baby steps*

I could’ve risked it even more and painted her face, but sometimes I’m just not brave enough. So I’ll settle for how it is.


Ballerina Challenge 6/10

ballerina 6

Ballerina number 6!

This is a little different from the other ballerinas I’ve done. She is actually in a setting, not floating around in white nothingness!

It is way too easy to draw a subject but not think about the environment it is in. I confess I’m quite lazy when it comes to drawing backgrounds. It’s something I don’t practice very much. (That’s another thing to add to my improvement list, along with hands, feet, hair, etc. With art, there is always room for improvement.)

Thank you to all of you for giving me nice words of encouragement! It brightens my day to get feedback!

Note: Here is a picture of my current palette. I’ve got a lot of brown and earthy tones going on.


Ballerina Challenge 5/10


I actually used good watercolor paper for this piece. That’s an accomplishment for me. I have such a hard time using quality paper because I’m afraid of failure. *tisk tisk* (Any suggestions on how to battle that? I’d take them gladly!)

For most of my illustrations, I use plain printer paper because I’m scared that it won’t end up how I want it to. Most of the time, there are certain parts to an illustration that I love, and some I hate. Rarely I create a piece that I fall in love right away. But they grow on me and I’ll realize “It’s not that bad. It actually has a certain je ne sais quoi in the expression, line work, etc.”

Maybe I’ll put away all of my junky paper and use only watercolor. That would conquer my fear, eh?

Note: I did create a sketch on “junky” paper for this. 


Ballerina Challenge – 1/10

Okay, I’ll bite.

I’m going to do a challenge.

Make that a ballerina challenge, since they are so fun to illustrate. And it’s just going to be ten days because y’all might get sick of seeing 100 days of ballet or something. (Or my attention span can’t stand focusing on a single subject for more than a few moments…much less 100 days!)

Here’s number one:Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.18.21 PM.png