Sunday News Sketch

Even though it’s not Sunday, I thought this sketch best reflects that!

It’s been so long since I’ve drawn anything. My hand feels quite rusty when I picked up my pen and started sketching. Some people try the 100 day drawing challenges to keep their sketching skills up to par, but (as some of you know), I’m not that zealous.

I’ve learned a break from something you like makes you appreciate it more. I think that is why I wrote “enjoy this” on the sketch. Because I have 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! (Mine was very special, like it seems to be every time!)

White Elephant Gift


One of the best things about a gift exchange is the White Elephant version. This gift is so awesome because it takes all the pressure off of finding the “perfect” gift! It is such a struggle to buy presents for some people (aka males), but a white elephant gift works quite well in this case.

The elephant on the front of the card was created with my new Jane Davenport fountain pen, which I absolutely adore. 10/10 recommend. (Nope, not sponsored! Just my own opinion.) Can’t say this cute elephant was my idea (although I wish it were)! I free-handed it from this illustration.

As for the gift itself, well that is a surprise! Here’s a hint: sumo + pool toy + antacid + other random goods.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else brings!

Merry Christmas!




Portrait Challenge 8/10

This manly man is definitely an improvement over yesterday’s post. Even if he is wearing a sweater. Actually, I’m not entirely opposed to guys wearing sweaters, but I know a lot of people who just don’t like it. I wonder why.  But then again, if I saw a guy wearing a sweater that looked like this, then I’d likely feel the same way.

Today’s portrait happened in a funny way.

I started drawing a redheaded lady (think forty-ish), and then it ended up looking like Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Eeyikes! Not the look I was going for.

And then I tried a sweet freckle-faced young woman, and that turned out like crap too.

So I did the unthinkable…I drew a man.

You guys knew how I was complaining about how they’re so hard to draw. And they are. But they’re also fun and (sometime) handsome and challenging.

And that is the whole point of this challenge…to expand my creative horizons and try something new.

And even in drawing this guy (what would his name be? Any suggestions?) I learned that it is awesome to start with a simple ball point pen. Yes, you can make mistakes and struggle a bit, but it is all a part of learning.

I just need to push myself!

P.S. What do you think about seeing the illustration before/after paint is applied?


Portrait Challenge 7/10

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.19.11 PM

Okay, here is the deal. Men are very hard to draw. They’re angular, dark, brooding, and not anything like a woman. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. We share the same facial features, etc. But still. I don’t think I could paint this in color to save my life.

Believe me, I tried. And it looked too…feminine. I need a lot more practice! (Anyone up for a 10 Day Men Drawing Challenge? Haha!)

I’ve got to say, though. If you squint your eyes and look at this male specimen, he might be pretty attractive. I don’t know, what do you think?

P.S. To Carol from Carol’s Creative Papers, I did do it. Is he worthy of her? Hah!

Dairy Cow

dairy cow3.jpg

Although I’m not much of an animal person, I can appreciate a pasture full of cows enjoying the fresh grass, a hen and her chicks, and other cutesy things like that.

Ballerina Challenge 10/10


The final day of the ballerina challenge has come! And I wanted to do something extra special! So a GIF it is!

A GIF has been intriguing me for awhile now. Charlotte Smith is so good at this! She inspired the concept behind this. I knew my video pausing skills weren’t good enough for such a fast motion as a pirouette, so I took this GIF and converted it to 27 images using (Side note: whoever creates amazing programs like that is a life-saver!)

From those 27 images, I drew each one and then placed them in a GIF maker ( And ta-da! Magic.

I’ve had so much fun with the Ballerina Challenge! This is the first challenge I’ve done, and it made me study things like body movement, shadows, line work (like here) and many other aspects of art…it was kind of like taking an art class.

In the process of creating something “shareable,” there were more than a few paintings that got thrown to the side…maybe I’ll share those in another catch-all post.

Ballerina Challenge 9/10

ballerina9-1.jpgI’m running the home stretch of this ballerina challenge!

Number nine is a ballet duo in black and white. I thought I’d include a man since all ballerinas aren’t female! (Although seeing a man in verrry tight pants isn’t appealing…I don’t think this painting is too bad.)

One thing about men is they have bulkier muscles and a very different physique than that of women. That is something I had to think about when painting this piece.

Let me know if you have any other challenge suggestions! I’m thinking about doing another…

P.S. Tomorrow’s post will be interesting…I hope! Stay tuned.