Blush Christmas – Greeting Card No. 13

Blush Christmas.jpg

I love all of the fancy holiday outfits that arise this time of year! I often think of how impractical some fashion styles are, like these really pouffy sleeves. I would never even think of buying something like that. I could never pull it off. But they are fun to look at!

On a different note, doesn’t the hair on this lady look so nice and lustrous? And the eyes and red lips are just so…pretty I suppose 🙂

One thought I had while looking at other artists’ Instagrams, websites, etc. is how they have such a consistent style. I always wonder how they achieve that. Does it come naturally, or do they really have to strive to maintain the uniform look? If you look at other posts I have, even within the last couple of months, they have so much variety.

I remember my 8th grade art teacher telling me that if someone thinks your art is done by multiple artists, then that is a bad thing.

The thing with me is I get bored with a certain “look.” Sometimes I use a lot of brushwork and very little pencil, or just the opposite. My color scheme always varies. Even the faces I draw are so diverse style-wise.

Any advice, folks?

Until then, I think I’m going to create stuff that I like and that I find enjoyable!