I’ve not made time for a lot of reading lately, but I’ve always loved books and libraries. (Speaking of, who goes to the actual library these days? It’s been some time for me, but I hope they don’t become obsolete! They’re so relaxing.) It’s a dream of mine to have a space brimming with books, comfy leather chairs, and nice-smelling candles. And I dream of having a nook specifically designed for reading, like the ones you see beneath staircases or tucked in a corner.

When I think of books, I think of fall. I’ve been thinking of the season a lot lately, and the feeling it brings. Thoughts of apple cider, socks, and throw blankets haven’t been too far from my mind 🙂

But for the moment, I’ll enjoy the hot weather we’ve been having! Summer goes by too fast as it is.

Fall is Here!


It’s finally fall! In some ways, I think this is everyone’s favorite season (although I’ve never been able to pick a favorite!). The cold, crisp weather, autumn decor, and all-around coziness make it a special time.

This weekend I’m in Kalispell. It is beautiful here! The smoke from the fires is gone and the air feels so clean. There is a light dusting of snow on the mountains and the trees are turning burnt orange and red. (This is another place that sounds so appealing to move to. But I’m pretty grounded back home!)

This season is when the arts and crafts start up again! After a good summer, I’m so excited to start indoor projects again.

My list for this fall:

  • Make a calendar
  • Sew a dress
  • Organize/paint room (halfway done!)
  • Make Christmas cards (maybe sell in a bazaar)
  • Decorate room with fall decor

And don’t forget the fall treats! My list of food to bake this year:

Any tips for other fall activities?

Winter Solstice – Greeting Card No. 14

Winter Mittens.jpg

Today is the first day of *official* winter! It seems kind of silly these past few weeks were, technically, still autumn. It’s been so chilly! I do love it when I’m inside, bundled up with crew socks (that my friends think are so grandma), and drinking hot cocoa while painting pictures like the one shown above! It’s divine 🙂

While on my way to work (I did manage to survive the 10 minute walk), I noticed it had frozen over a bit. There was this slight layer of ice over the sidewalks that terrified me. I hate when you get that feeling where you’re about to wipe out, then you somehow manage to catch your balance. Mini heart attack! I should’ve just thrown on the good ol’ Sorel boots, but I don’t know how far they would go combined with my precarious balance.

I decided to use a Scandinavian/Nordic look for the mittens. Just paying homage to my ancestry 🙂 A lot of people think sweaters with winter prints are a cliche, but personally, I’ve always loved them. I would wear one. I just need to find the right one. I’m too picky.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!



Season of the Peppermint Mocha


Yay! It’s everyone’s favorite season! Winter is here, along with its biting winds, snow storms, and frigid temperatures.

Aaaaand…That leads to hot drinks, cozy sweaters, cute socks, and heart-warming gatherings with friends and family. One thing about winter is it encourages a lot of indoor-time, which also means playing card games, visiting around the fire drinking coffee, and baking. Those are three activities that I really enjoy.

As for the hot drinks part, that is a newly acquired interest of mine. I don’t profess to be a coffee addict, but I’m sort of understanding why people are. Let me explain why:

I used to always scald my tongue while drinking anything that came in a hot cup. Cocoa, cider, sugary coffee, tea, etc. I’m the type that doesn’t exactly savor things. (Yeah, I’d be the first done eating at the table and the first one to finish the Tootsie lollipop.) When it comes to hot drinks, that is definitely NOT a good thing.

After a while, I kind of felt dumb being the one who ordered smoothies at a coffee shop. Slowly branching out, I would order the iced mocha or Frappuccino from Starbucks, or whatever. Then it progressed…

One time while ordering coffee, I accidentally ordered the hot drink, and I thought “Well, I have to drink this because I just spent half a day’s pay on it!” After letting the (admittedly sugar-filled) coffee cool down a bit, I found I didn’t mind it. In fact, it was quite good.

The best part of my discovery? It really does warm a body up when it’s chilly outside. And who doesn’t want to be seen with the cute Christmas-themed Starbucks cup while window shopping downtown?

Unless you’re a hipster. Then you’ll look chic with the uber-cool, non-conformist coffee shop label on your to-go cup. 🙂

Anyway, stay warm out there. I’ve heard it might snow…!