Soda Pop Girls

Soda Pop Girls2.jpg

I don’t know what’s up today. I’m feeling this vintage-summery vibe. I suppose my head is already looking forward to warm summer weather. Maybe a trip to someplace warm is in order (Just kidding! I wish…).

One thing I realized really inspires me is vintage photographs. The black and white and simplicity really gives my mind a creative space. The shades of grey are great for recognizing contrast rather than focusing on something being just one shade of red or whatever color it might be.

Nostalgia also plays a huge part of what I like to paint. I think I look at the past (and present-day, at times) with rose-colored glasses. Of course I know that each era came with its own struggles, but there are parts that I like to remember more than others. I don’t think that is such a bad thing. I like to be optimistic.

I did update my logo!


It kind of matches the color scheme in this illustration. Let me know what you think!

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New Sketchbook


Does anyone else have this weird trepidation when it comes to starting a new sketchbook? I got one for Christmas and I’m so careful with it! It has this really nice watercolor paper, not light-duty stuff like 60 lb. paper. I’m so excited to start using it, but I just want it to stay so nice looking!

After Christmas, I start thinking of the upcoming New Year and what it will bring. Will I spend more time on art projects? Will I start an online shop? Will it go the same as 2016? (Doubtful!) I love the new year for all of the fresh starts it brings.

The typography on the cover started out with a Pinterest search. I saw some really cool vintage typography that I incorporated into this cover design. It kinda has a twenties vibe that I’m into. Or silent movie era.

I’m thinking of new changes for the blog. Any ideas? Maybe a themed weekly post that isn’t so random? I’m going to start a web search for hints.

Until next time!



Christmas Potpourri – Greeting Card No. 9

Festive Mix copy.jpg
One of the best parts of Christmas is the smells. I love when you walk into the house and someone is burning a candle or cooking something delicious! Smell is also connected to our memory more than any other sense, so that is why certain aromas bring back the best memories 🙂

As you well know, Pinterest is a great way to look for ideas of any kind. This morning, while looking for ideas, I saw a recipe for potpourri. Inspiration! Cranberries, oranges, cinnamon, and rosemary combined is pretty much the smell of Christmas. I love it!

Side note: I really must be bad with this schedule-posting stuff, because this is my second time skipping a day. Whoops! To make up for it, I will post two greeting card designs today 🙂