Lavender – Flower Series No. 26

Yes, lavender is considered an herb, but it is also a flowering plant, therefore it fits with my Flower Series. I love that I can make up the rules for this challenge and nobody can say otherwise (hah!).

But seriously.

Lavender is probably one of the most calming scents out there. My friend bought this shea butter from Alaska and the smell is so soothing. It’s something I need on my desk at work!

Peony – Flower Series No. 16


The reference picture for this painting was from Pinterest, so I’m kinda questioning if it is, indeed, a peony. But it is pretty nonetheless 🙂

The image is kinda faded and dark, but when you’re on vacation, those things don’t matter as much!

Roses – Flower Series No. 15


Roses are such a delicate and difficult flower to paint. I’m not overly fond of this flower but I do acknowledge its widespread appeal and status as a classic in the field of romance. For some reason it puts me off, and I don’t know why. But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is I’m halfway through this Flower Series challenge (of sorts) and I haven’t missed a day! It feels good.

Hopefully I can keep it up 🙂

Forsythia – Flower Series No. 14

Last spring I was obsessed with forsythia. I’m not sure how many illustrations I posted of this cheery flower…

The painting above was just a simple illustration with no sketch. It’s amazing how no forethought can lead to surprisingly lively designs. It’s easier to see creativity behind it. Maybe it is in the imperfections.

This painting above was the opposite of the first one. I sketched it first, spent triple the amount of time painting it, but it is lacking somehow. It feels forced, stale, and generic. It’s not my style.

Maybe it’s the blue wash I attempted and failed at. (That particular skill isn’t in my repertoire!) Maybe it’s the complicated flowers, or choppy pencil marks.

Anyway, the important part in comparing these two illustrations is realizing one fits within my realm of creativity, skill, style, and interest…and the other doesn’t.


Daffodils – Flower Series No. 13

Another flower essential to spring that I’ve been hinting about…daffodils 🙂

I’ve seen some daffodils popping up around town, especially by work. They’re just about to bloom, which is quite weird since there is still snow covering the ground in some spots.

Just a recent discovery: three things I love blogging about are 1) flowers/plants, 2) painting 3) the weather. Kinda sounds like the British, right?

Floral Bunch – Rifle Paper Co Inspired – Flower Series No. 9

A friend of mine is getting married, and that is always a good excuse to paint some cards! These florals are largely based on some of Anna Bond’s (Rifle Paper Co) illustrations. Anna’s work is so whimsical and refreshing. Her combination of her simple, childlike illustrations and grown-up stationery goods makes for an interesting product!


I received a comment on my Magnolias post from Jmnowak on how I don’t have to justify my tastes. Good advice! I’m forever trying to explain myself, and frankly, it can be exhausting. She also mentioned painting white flowers on a darker background, and while these flowers are not white, I think it’s a step in that direction!