Forsythia – Flower Series No. 14

Last spring I was obsessed with forsythia. I’m not sure how many illustrations I posted of this cheery flower…

The painting above was just a simple illustration with no sketch. It’s amazing how no forethought can lead to surprisingly lively designs. It’s easier to see creativity behind it. Maybe it is in the imperfections.

This painting above was the opposite of the first one. I sketched it first, spent triple the amount of time painting it, but it is lacking somehow. It feels forced, stale, and generic. It’s not my style.

Maybe it’s the blue wash I attempted and failed at. (That particular skill isn’t in my repertoire!) Maybe it’s the complicated flowers, or choppy pencil marks.

Anyway, the important part in comparing these two illustrations is realizing one fits within my realm of creativity, skill, style, and interest…and the other doesn’t.




Hey there! It feels like so long since I’ve posted anything, but in reality it has only been three days. In Internet days, that can be a long time.

Forsythia has fast became a favorite of mine since it’s been popping up on Pinterest and other sites. It blooms in early spring, and is a sign of anticipation. The yellow is such a bold color, especially when winter brings such dull shades of brown and grey.

I am so ready for spring. I tried to put away my snow boots, but we are supposed to get a round of freezing rain or snow. Maybe I jinxed it (sorry guys!). Floral prints, pastels, cute flats, and flowy skirts sound so appealing to my senses right now. I crave the lightheartedness of spring.

In a similar fashion to my older posts, here is an outfit inspired by this:

Yellow Floral Dress


White Cardigan


Teal Crossbody Purse


Red Swedish Hasbeens4811_a5866a079e-74519-1-big.jpg

Ahhh. Now that’s more like it! 🙂