Floral Assortment – Flower Series No. 30!

Hey, guess what?! I made it to day 30! It’s so awesome. I thought I’d get bored of painting flowers for 30 days, but my motivation only waned a couple times. I’ve definitely learned a lot in this challenge. Probably the biggest take-away is that I  can do things when I set my mind to it. I finished a 30 day challenge, guys! (Okay, should I quit mentioning it? I’m just surprised, honestly.)

For the final piece, I wanted to combine most (if not all) the types of flowers into one single painting, which I did. I opted to use gouache, since of late I’ve been quite in love with it. Really. (Thanks Anna Bond for giving the inspiration!)

What was your favorite post? Or what flower in today’s post is your favorite? Comment below!

Now my busy social life (hah!) demands I go interact with people, so I’m signing off!

A great weekend to y’all! Thanks for visiting my blog! (I really should thank you more often. Really.)

Orange Blossom – Flower Series No. 28

Right around the time I discovered citrus fruits grow on trees (and why wouldn’t they?!), I thought it would be pretty cool to have a tree like that in your backyard. Sadly, the PNW just isn’t the right environment for citrus fruits to grow in. Down south, however, they grow much more heartily! Maybe I should move? (Just kidding!)

This illustration was done in gouache, which I am more and more coming to appreciate. What’s better than a paint that works like watercolor and acrylic?! It’s the best of both worlds.


Magnolias #2 – Flower Series No. 12

Here is the magnolia re-do! It’s completely different from the original magnolias done on white paper. I used gouache paint for these flowers and painted them on this periwinkle blue paper. It’s so interesting to use colored paper and opaque paint. The process for painting is so different. I’ve likely said this before, but painting from dark to light is so unnatural to me after using watercolor paints for so long. I kept wanting to water the gouache paint down to the point it would become watercolor, but I think I succeeded fairly well on this one–for my first time 😉

Floral Bunch – Rifle Paper Co Inspired – Flower Series No. 9

A friend of mine is getting married, and that is always a good excuse to paint some cards! These florals are largely based on some of Anna Bond’s (Rifle Paper Co) illustrations. Anna’s work is so whimsical and refreshing. Her combination of her simple, childlike illustrations and grown-up stationery goods makes for an interesting product!


I received a comment on my Magnolias post from Jmnowak on how I don’t have to justify my tastes. Good advice! I’m forever trying to explain myself, and frankly, it can be exhausting. She also mentioned painting white flowers on a darker background, and while these flowers are not white, I think it’s a step in that direction! 



The Things That Stick Around

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.22.57 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.21.17 PMHey!

Why is there a couch up there? Good question.

Actually, that couch belongs to my brother (but it is orange in real life) and is one of those objects that sticks out like a sore thumb but you can’t get rid of it. Because it is too comfy.

I have a sweatshirt like that. My grandma gave it to me when I visited her, and of course you can’t refuse something if it is from your grandma! Sentimental value! But the sweatshirt is this ugly shade of Pepto Bismal pink, and I’m sure it looks awful on me. It’s so comfy though! I can’t give it up.

Let’s just hope I don’t become a hoarder of everything. The thought makes me shudder.