Typewriter Thank You – Greeting Card

Hey there!

Letting y’all know my Etsy shop is back up and running (and two days early!). I’ve added this sweet Typewriter Thank You card, which was previewed in this post. I quite like the typewriter.

In fact, yesterday I happened to purchase one. It must’ve been fate 😉 I’ll be sure to update all the nerds out there who happen to like typewriters with a blog post about it sometime.

Gotta run! (It’s Saturday/errand day.)

Try Something New


I do like simple black and white. What do you think of this as a card for bride and groom? Do you guys think a different color would look good?

Inspiration: Target gift card.img_0203

Mockups – Learned Something New!

Wedding-Card Mockup.jpg

I just discovered this thing called a “mockup!” I wish I would’ve thought of this myself, since it’s such a simple and genius concept.

For those of you who don’t know, a mockup is a visual example of a designer’s work. It cuts the cost of actually ordering sample products and is a timesaver for photographing.  A lot of people use these to post their products online. Also, designers use them as examples for clients. If you’re a miserable photographer like me, it is a very useful tool to create decent-looking product photos.

Skillshare, as you know, is such a great resource for people who love learning + being creative. I learned how to do a simple mockup from Teela Cunningham on Skillshare. Check it out here. Just so you know, I think Skillshare is worth the price. (And no, I am not sponsored to say nice things about them 🙂 )

Onto a different subject, these two designs are for wedding cards I am illustrating. They are quite rough, but I like the overall idea.

My family + friends keep telling me to start selling more art, and I’m trying! It’s intimidating though. And also a lot of fun!

Okay I’ll quit rambling 🙂

xo Caroline

Winter Skating – Greeting Card No. 4


Although the seemingly delightful act of skating has eluded me, I still think it looks so graceful! I am so jealous of those people who are far more comfortable on the ice or in skiing gear than I will ever be. I sort of blame my lack of talent in this area on my childhood. Growing up, we never did adventurous outdoor activities like snowboarding or skating. On the off occasion that we would go, it would end up with me looking like a first-class clutz. Which I basically am.

On a happier note, maybe it’s not entirely too late for me to learn. But ugh, my pride just gets in the way. And fear. I am so afraid of falling down and hurting myself!

It’s such a juvenile fear, because it is bound to happen. I mean, wearing a slippery-soled pair of shoes is cause enough. I shouldn’t let my fears fun my life.

Haha! Sometimes when I sit down to write, I feel like my own therapist or something. It’s so weird sometimes!

Since I did forget to post yesterday (what can I say, it was Sunday?!), I will share two greeting card designs today. Enjoy!