I love making cards for people for whatever event they’re celebrating; so much so, my siblings have made comments like “Another card from Caroline?!” Haha! It doesn’t stop me 🙂

Happy Sketches

Hello Folks!

Goals. I’ve got lots of them.

I was working on one of my most recent projects today: making greeting cards.

I have always loved getting cards in the mail, birthday cards, thank you cards, etc. I think it’s one of those truly timeless concepts. The personal touch of handwriting, the message, everything is just so original.

Before summer, I want to make about 15 or so designs and try to sell them in boutiques, small businesses, or online. If you have any pointers, let me know!

These sketches above are really preliminaries to the finished products.

Nonetheless, it was quite relaxing and fun to do some quick drawings.

Next time, the post will have some color. I’ve been slacking on that end.