Sketch of Molly & Current Thoughts


I’m finally feeling like blogging again! It’s a good feeling.

A friend (whose name is mentioned above 😉 ) asked me once: is your blog for you or for your readers?

I’ve never considered this before she asked me. It made me realize the purpose behind why I created my blog and why I continue to post illustrations and rambling thoughts.

This blog is for me. It’s a hobby-turned-veryyy-small business. It’s a creative outlet. It’s a stress-reliever.

It’s also a time-killer, an entertainer, a journal, and many other things.

I can’t profess to having a blog for my readers, family, friends, etc. That puts a lot of pressure on me, which I’m not sure I cope well with, this being a hobby of mine. I enjoy the slight anonymity, the sporadic posting, and the spurts of energy and motivation I receive from it.

That being said, I hope it can bring a bit of happiness, (maybe some empathic concern), interest, and joy to you!