Horton – Dr. Seuss

Horton - Dr. Seuss 2.jpg

This piece was done for a friend of my sister’s! She’s redoing her nursery as a surprise for her friend and they are including Dr. Seuss in the theme. Horton is such a cute blue elephant. I love his wide eyes and kind heart. So appropriate for a kid’s room 🙂

Dr. Suess is such a classic when it comes to kids. That is a book every person can relate to. I loved The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. One thing I remember in primary school was Read Across America, on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. I’m pretty sure they served green eggs and ham that day in the cafeteria. Gross. But kids are into funny things like that.

Side note: do you remember buying the novelty candies like the really sour liquid stuff and Fun Dip when you were a kid? It makes my mouth hurt thinking about it.

Anyway, reading Dr. Seuss books as an adult (haha! that sounds so weird to say. Like, I just turned 18!) is kind of hard. They don’t seem that long, but until you read them out loud, you wish you’d picked another book 🙂

Until next time!