2019 Calendar Sketches!

I’m already thinking of 2019, guys. But that’s the name of the game when you make a calendar! (I’m not going to do what I did last year, which was crazy. Two calendars in about three months!!)

For 2019, I thought a softer, more organic approach to illustrating the lady of the month would be appreciated. So I’m incorporating a lot of my own wardrobe and even reference photos of myself that contribute to a more natural looking lady. Think rounder, feminine, and graceful. I am loving it so far!

2018 Cozy Life Calendar

Hey there! Here’s a surprise for you:

After debating for weeks on whether to make another calendar, I finally decided to make one featuring timeless treasures centered around a common theme: home.

I know some people would love a more general, all-purpose calendar, and a calendar featuring classic objects seemed to fit the bill! This would be perfect for anyone struggling to find their mom, wife, sister, in-laws, or daughters a Christmas present.

Check it out on my Etsy shop here. And my 2018 Fashion Illustration calendar is still available here.

Kitchen Objects

Here’s a new illustration of some kitchen objects I find cute 🙂 If you guys have been here awhile, you know I like vintage things.

Would this look good on a calendar? I’m thinking of making one for the moms out there!

My 2018 Fashion Illustration calendar is out now! Purchase it here.


marchesa2.jpgI swear I post the most random stuff. Seriously, though. My last post was about vintage dishes and now I’ve gone to the couture gowns at NYFW.

I think that is why I call my blog Illustration Avenue. I am so inspired by so many different things, and I couldn’t be specific; I didn’t know what it was I wanted to share, other than art I created. I remember thinking way back then (it’s been a year, folks, since I’ve been up and running! Happy belated anniversary to me!) of a blog/website name. It was so hard to do. I feel like the least clever person when it came to that sort of thing. There are SO many quirky, memorable, funny blog names and I really wanted that. But. My talents lie in other areas that DON’T include blog naming 😉

Overall, though, Illustration Avenue seems to be a good choice to my many random illustrations.

If you guys have any ideas or paintings you’d like to see more of, please let me know!


Illustration Flaws

Pastel Face copy.jpg

What I love about illustration is you can get away with a lot of flaws. A picture has to be just right but with drawing and painting, you can take a lot of liberties.

For example, even though people (usually) do not have perfect circles of blush on their cheeks, an illustration can pull it off effortlessly.

Also, a picture has to have just the right lighting, but you can create your own lighting when you draw/paint something.

Even the hair in this illustration looks quite undone by itself. But since the rest matches that in style, it somehow works.

There may be many small mistakes to the artwork itself, if one is critical, but altogether it can give an illustration charm and character 🙂

Let me know if you agree!