Kitchen Objects

Here’s a new illustration of some kitchen objects I find cute 🙂 If you guys have been here awhile, you know I like vintage things.

Would this look good on a calendar? I’m thinking of making one for the moms out there!

My 2018 Fashion Illustration calendar is out now! Purchase it here.

Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

I’ve been practicing drawing background scenes lately. I realized they are one of those things I avoid drawing mainly because I don’t know how, kind of like when you draw a person’s hands in their pockets 🙂

One thing that is really hard to pin down is symmetry, straight lines, and shadows. I am very lazy and I don’t like to use a straightedge. As for shadows, I just haven’t paid that much attention to them. They’re secondary for me. Especially with line drawings. Usually my illustrations start out as pencil drawings, which doesn’t help as far as dimension goes.

And the amount of details! It’s crazy how much time I spent on this kitchen drawing compared to other sketches. I’m afraid of details, like I’m afraid of failure.

But the only way to improve is to practice.

I used a Country Living picture as a reference.

Kitchen Illustration

Kitchen Print
I can’t tell you enough how much I like blue and orange. It is the perfect color combination.

But what do you guys think of this for a piece of kitchen art? I thought I might offer this on my Etsy shop. Most of my art is fashion inspired, but I do like drawing ordinary objects as well. Anyway, let me know what you think! I do like feedback 🙂


Pyrex Tower


I’m in love with vintage Pyrex dishes. I wish I had a whole collection of them like this illustration.

This painting is done with a sketch and then digital color added in Photoshop. It was kind of a color study to see which ones work best. It’s not my usual style and it is so rough, but let me know what you think of the overall effect 🙂 (My dad told me quite plainly digital painting is not “real” painting at all…I’ll take that with a grain of salt, haha!)

Here is the inspiration:


Of course, thank you guys for stopping by! I hope y’all are enjoying this tiny piece of real estate on the Internet 🙂