Hello Folks!

While browsing through Pinterest, where about 90% of my inspiration comes from, I came across this picture:

It looks remarkably like the home I lived in until I was thirteen! I seriously miss what we always refer to as “The Farmhouse.”

I have such good memories there. From walking to the bus stop each morning to waking up to a snow-covered ground, it seems as though the world was pretty alright! Childhood is blissfully ignorant of reality, and for which I am thankful.

I think innocence is really there to give one hope. Not to be all depressing, but once reality hits you in the face, it’s not a very pretty picture.

My early growing up years is quite a blessing and something I often take for granted. When you consider all of the things that could’ve gone wrong, life seems miraculous.

Life is kind of a funny concept. We compare everything to our own experiences, thinking that our way is the right one, that we are the experts. My “normal” is quite different from anyone else’s.

Just from what my memories mean to me, I want to gift that same experience to my future children.

I think that would be pretty awesome.

Now, that’s enough deep, philosophical talk!

Good day,