Trip to California

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I’m back from California after a good five-day trip! It felt so good to relax and not have to worry about work or school or *graduation*! (Yes, it really is happening in about six days! I can’t wait!)

We stayed in Huntington Beach at a little rinky-dink motel, which was clean, but had some pretty outdated furniture 🙂 Eating Cinnabon rolls for breakfast was pretty good, even though it gave me a bellyache. Haha!

The weather was…not great. It was actually sunnier back home! They call it the “June gloom” when California gets days upon days of 60 degree fog. Next time I’ll know when not to go!

But of course, the weather didn’t ruin the trip! I had so much fun laughing with my friends and chatting and eating and shopping (I got some vintage finds).

If you’re visiting the Huntington Beach area, go to Sancho’s Tacos. It’s amazing. I got the HB Combo with Yardbird tacos twice, with Arnold Palmer to drink. Yum.

These illustrations I’m sharing today were inspired by some pictures I took while in California. I actually love painting from my own photographs because the search isn’t so hard! I think I’ll do more of that in the future.

A few more notes for you…

  • Uber is very convenient (but can definitely add up!)
  • Seeing all of the old cars (like the VW bus above) is such a delight!
  • The first illustration is of a lifeguard stand, just in case you didn’t know 🙂

I am thinking of summer and loving it!