I’ve not made time for a lot of reading lately, but I’ve always loved books and libraries. (Speaking of, who goes to the actual library these days? It’s been some time for me, but I hope they don’t become obsolete! They’re so relaxing.) It’s a dream of mine to have a space brimming with books, comfy leather chairs, and nice-smelling candles. And I dream of having a nook specifically designed for reading, like the ones you see beneath staircases or tucked in a corner.

When I think of books, I think of fall. I’ve been thinking of the season a lot lately, and the feeling it brings. Thoughts of apple cider, socks, and throw blankets haven’t been too far from my mind 🙂

But for the moment, I’ll enjoy the hot weather we’ve been having! Summer goes by too fast as it is.

2019 Calendar Sketches!

I’m already thinking of 2019, guys. But that’s the name of the game when you make a calendar! (I’m not going to do what I did last year, which was crazy. Two calendars in about three months!!)

For 2019, I thought a softer, more organic approach to illustrating the lady of the month would be appreciated. So I’m incorporating a lot of my own wardrobe and even reference photos of myself that contribute to a more natural looking lady. Think rounder, feminine, and graceful. I am loving it so far!

Sketch of Molly & Current Thoughts


I’m finally feeling like blogging again! It’s a good feeling.

A friend (whose name is mentioned above 😉 ) asked me once: is your blog for you or for your readers?

I’ve never considered this before she asked me. It made me realize the purpose behind why I created my blog and why I continue to post illustrations and rambling thoughts.

This blog is for me. It’s a hobby-turned-veryyy-small business. It’s a creative outlet. It’s a stress-reliever.

It’s also a time-killer, an entertainer, a journal, and many other things.

I can’t profess to having a blog for my readers, family, friends, etc. That puts a lot of pressure on me, which I’m not sure I cope well with, this being a hobby of mine. I enjoy the slight anonymity, the sporadic posting, and the spurts of energy and motivation I receive from it.

That being said, I hope it can bring a bit of happiness, (maybe some empathic concern), interest, and joy to you!


Sunday News Sketch

Even though it’s not Sunday, I thought this sketch best reflects that!

It’s been so long since I’ve drawn anything. My hand feels quite rusty when I picked up my pen and started sketching. Some people try the 100 day drawing challenges to keep their sketching skills up to par, but (as some of you know), I’m not that zealous.

I’ve learned a break from something you like makes you appreciate it more. I think that is why I wrote “enjoy this” on the sketch. Because I have 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! (Mine was very special, like it seems to be every time!)

Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

I’ve been practicing drawing background scenes lately. I realized they are one of those things I avoid drawing mainly because I don’t know how, kind of like when you draw a person’s hands in their pockets 🙂

One thing that is really hard to pin down is symmetry, straight lines, and shadows. I am very lazy and I don’t like to use a straightedge. As for shadows, I just haven’t paid that much attention to them. They’re secondary for me. Especially with line drawings. Usually my illustrations start out as pencil drawings, which doesn’t help as far as dimension goes.

And the amount of details! It’s crazy how much time I spent on this kitchen drawing compared to other sketches. I’m afraid of details, like I’m afraid of failure.

But the only way to improve is to practice.

I used a Country Living picture as a reference.