Mockups – Learned Something New!

Wedding-Card Mockup.jpg

I just discovered this thing called a “mockup!” I wish I would’ve thought of this myself, since it’s such a simple and genius concept.

For those of you who don’t know, a mockup is a visual example of a designer’s work. It cuts the cost of actually ordering sample products and is a timesaver for photographing.  A lot of people use these to post their products online. Also, designers use them as examples for clients. If you’re a miserable photographer like me, it is a very useful tool to create decent-looking product photos.

Skillshare, as you know, is such a great resource for people who love learning + being creative. I learned how to do a simple mockup from Teela Cunningham on Skillshare. Check it out here. Just so you know, I think Skillshare is worth the price. (And no, I am not sponsored to say nice things about them 🙂 )

Onto a different subject, these two designs are for wedding cards I am illustrating. They are quite rough, but I like the overall idea.

My family + friends keep telling me to start selling more art, and I’m trying! It’s intimidating though. And also a lot of fun!

Okay I’ll quit rambling 🙂

xo Caroline

Red Patent Louboutin


Hey there! I just got finished with a Skillshare class! It was with Katie Rodgers, an artist you know I love, and it is so fun to see her techniques and inspirations. This piece was inspired by her shoe illustration class. You should check Skillshare out. It’s neat.

If you’re like me, you go through many new techniques and supplies and get tired of them quite easily. A few weeks ago, I was raving about the Aquash water brushes, (and they are still so handy) but I did acquire a really great (renewed) appreciation for simple brushes with this painting. The paint seems to stick better to non-synthetic bristles (I was using camel hair). You can also create lovely washes with bigger round brushes. 

Sometimes I find myself using the same brush over and over but it is so much easier to switch brushes if you’re painting a wash vs. painting tiny details. Just a thought of the day 🙂

Also, I do have this print available on my new Etsy shop! Buy it here! It’s printed on card stock paper, 8.5 x 11 inches, and signed by me 🙂