Forsythia – Flower Series No. 14

Last spring I was obsessed with forsythia. I’m not sure how many illustrations I posted of this cheery flower…

The painting above was just a simple illustration with no sketch. It’s amazing how no forethought can lead to surprisingly lively designs. It’s easier to see creativity behind it. Maybe it is in the imperfections.

This painting above was the opposite of the first one. I sketched it first, spent triple the amount of time painting it, but it is lacking somehow. It feels forced, stale, and generic. It’s not my style.

Maybe it’s the blue wash I attempted and failed at. (That particular skill isn’t in my repertoire!) Maybe it’s the complicated flowers, or choppy pencil marks.

Anyway, the important part in comparing these two illustrations is realizing one fits within my realm of creativity, skill, style, and interest…and the other doesn’t.


Daffodils – Flower Series No. 13

Another flower essential to spring that I’ve been hinting about…daffodils 🙂

I’ve seen some daffodils popping up around town, especially by work. They’re just about to bloom, which is quite weird since there is still snow covering the ground in some spots.

Just a recent discovery: three things I love blogging about are 1) flowers/plants, 2) painting 3) the weather. Kinda sounds like the British, right?

Tulips – Flower Series No. 2

Tulips. These flowers are the quintessential symbol of spring (along with daffodils).

I actually painted these tulips from real life, not a photo from the internet (see below for proof!). How refreshing. I find that too many of my reference photos or inspiration come from online. I’m trying to shy away from that. I’m online and connected to technology way too much as it is; it feels so good to get a break.

Day two of the challenge done!

April Blossom

April Blossom.jpg

Everything is blossoming right now and it is so beautiful! I was on a run (ah, what? Yeah, it’s time to get in shape!) this afternoon and I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the natural beauty around. Living in town doesn’t allow for a lot of nature hikes, but I do see nature in the small things like potted plants on front porches, little flower boxes, and even in the garden center at the supermarket.

I love it all.

For this piece, I had these photos for reference:


I sketched this lady on watercolor paper (which feels so expensive!) with a ballpoint pen, then painted her with Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolors.

For the flowers, I first took the picture on my run (…okay I’m a teensy bit proud of myself. It’s not every day I can find the motivation to exercise!) and then used that as a loose reference. Finally, I combined the two in Photoshop 🙂

I figured the turtleneck was a bit much for spring, but with the weather we’ve been having, it might be appropriate.

Note: Does anyone know what type of tree that is?

2nd Note: Thank you to What Olivia Did for the reference picture! It is so retro and adorable! And that beehive *sighs*






Spring? Just kidding, winter’s still here.


Yes, this is rough. Like a lot of stuff I share 🙂

I still cannot get past the fact that on my weather app, all I see is rain and 40 degree days. Brr.

Oh. Just so you know, this is colored with COLORED PENCIL. That’s right, the medium I don’t like so much. I’d say I need a lot more practice, that’s for sure.