Winter Vacation 

Coming to SD for vacation was a good idea on my part! I have enjoyed every bit of the cold weather. We did a bit of sledding, ice skating, and even a couple snow angels 🙂 

I am such a beginner when it comes to ice skating. The kids were skating circles around me and asking if I can “hockey stop.” But learning around them is better than adults. Maybe their bravery rubs off on one. Back home, it’s more uncommon to go ice skating so I never learned growing up. I want to learn now, though, because I know it’ll get harder as I get older. 

Some say it is similar to rollerblading so maybe I’ll learn that too! (Summertime…that’ll be nice when it comes!)

Until next time, go enjoy the winter weather!

P.s. The image was taken with a smartphone, not scanned in like my other posts, so it loses some quality. 

The Quiet Snow

Winter Snow2.jpgIt is such a peaceful night here at home. The snowfall is so soothing and mesmerizing to look at. Everything slows down in snowy weather. In a good or bad way; it depends on your perception. I love the quiet, tranquil atmosphere it creates. Snow absorbs sound, that is why (thank you Olivia!).

I think some hot chocolate is in order to make the evening complete.

Stay warm out there! And drive safe 😉

Winter Solstice – Greeting Card No. 14

Winter Mittens.jpg

Today is the first day of *official* winter! It seems kind of silly these past few weeks were, technically, still autumn. It’s been so chilly! I do love it when I’m inside, bundled up with crew socks (that my friends think are so grandma), and drinking hot cocoa while painting pictures like the one shown above! It’s divine 🙂

While on my way to work (I did manage to survive the 10 minute walk), I noticed it had frozen over a bit. There was this slight layer of ice over the sidewalks that terrified me. I hate when you get that feeling where you’re about to wipe out, then you somehow manage to catch your balance. Mini heart attack! I should’ve just thrown on the good ol’ Sorel boots, but I don’t know how far they would go combined with my precarious balance.

I decided to use a Scandinavian/Nordic look for the mittens. Just paying homage to my ancestry 🙂 A lot of people think sweaters with winter prints are a cliche, but personally, I’ve always loved them. I would wear one. I just need to find the right one. I’m too picky.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!



Winter Ballerina – Greeting Card No. 5


Here is the Christmas greeting card no. 5! And with a ballerina, no less!

One of the many things I love about Christmas is the Nutcracker. When I was little, this one was always one of my favorite Christmas books, most likely because of the sugarplum fairies! (I also remember being terrified by the evil mice in the story, no doubt my overactive imagination kicking in.)

Ballet dancers amaze me. They put up with so much pain and somehow manage to make it look effortless. I cannot imagine the discipline they have when it comes to their talent.

Ballet dancers are also very fun to paint! There is something about ballet that gives the brush a bit more grace and flow as it sweeps across the paper. (Okay, I think I’m waxing poetic here!)

But in all reality, it’s just really fun. You should try it sometime.

Check out this Winter Bird. Does it seem to go along with the dancer?!


Winter Skating – Greeting Card No. 4


Although the seemingly delightful act of skating has eluded me, I still think it looks so graceful! I am so jealous of those people who are far more comfortable on the ice or in skiing gear than I will ever be. I sort of blame my lack of talent in this area on my childhood. Growing up, we never did adventurous outdoor activities like snowboarding or skating. On the off occasion that we would go, it would end up with me looking like a first-class clutz. Which I basically am.

On a happier note, maybe it’s not entirely too late for me to learn. But ugh, my pride just gets in the way. And fear. I am so afraid of falling down and hurting myself!

It’s such a juvenile fear, because it is bound to happen. I mean, wearing a slippery-soled pair of shoes is cause enough. I shouldn’t let my fears fun my life.

Haha! Sometimes when I sit down to write, I feel like my own therapist or something. It’s so weird sometimes!

Since I did forget to post yesterday (what can I say, it was Sunday?!), I will share two greeting card designs today. Enjoy!

Winter Weather


I wish I looked this chic when I bundle up. Instead, I resemble an enormous marshmallow with mismatched winter wear on.

We don’t get usually bad winter weather where I live. We have really mild winters. Until recently.

It has been so cold! (Okay, 25 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t that cold. But it is for me!)

I regretted not stocking up on cute winter clothing this year. Just for fun (and maybe it’ll appear on my Christmas list… 🙂 ), I created a list of really cute winter wear:

1.) J. Crew Chateau Parka


2.)Anthropologie Tisa Seamed Mockneck Sweater


3.) Free People Back to Basics Chunky Knit Beanie


4.)Anthropologie Pommed Berkshire Gloves


5.) J. Crew Authentic Camp Socks


Now I’m on the right track towards looking somewhat cute this winter!

P.S. I ordered new gouache paints from Amazon and this is my first experiment with them.