My View on Exercise


Hello Folks!

Hope everyone is excited about the awesome spring weather! Everyone is out and about exercising now that we aren’t stuck indoors.

I personally love the transition into summer.

More outside time (not that I am a great outdoorsy person), barbecues, popsicles, sandals, wearing skirts without the constricting leggings or tights.

There is something so refreshing about feeling the earth beneath your feet as you walk, jog, or whatever it is you do, if you exercise (I don’t discriminate against people who don’t, you know. Personal preference!)

I have this weird cycle when it comes to exercising, though.

First, I get into this I am so out of shape! Get out there and do it!

Then, I say naw, another day.

But I feel bad for not, so I do exercise for, like, a few days in a row. I am so committed and healthy! Not really, actually.

Sometimes my ventures will last a few weeks, months, never more than that.

Motivations helps. But I already know that exercise is good for your body, brain, mental health, lungs, mood, period cramps, etc.

So why is it so hard to get up off my chair and just make it into a habit?

That, my friend, is a great question.

Does anyone have the answer?

Until next time,